Ecotricity poster

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, changing the way you power your home and business to a renewable source, is a great first step.

Change to Ecotricity, Britain’s greenest energy company and two rather wonderful additional things will happen:

  • a donation of up to £60 will be made to The Word Forest Organisation
  • and for a limited time only, you’ll receive a free LED bulb kit worth £30

Their Ethical Pricing Policy means that all of their customers are always on their best price and they have no exit fees or penalties.

Here’s a little more information from their website:

“When we talk about green energy, we mean electricity and gas made from renewable sources: green electricity made from the Wind, the Sun and the Sea, and green gas made from organic material and soon, grass. And we don’t just supply green energy, we make it ourselves. Green energy can make Britain energy independent, create sustainable green jobs and industry, and deliver a Green Britain.”

Click here to check out their prices and if you decide to sign up, our team, our communities in Kenya and the planet will be absolutely delighted!

If you’d rather talk to someone about it, call 08000 302 302  and mention The Word Forest Organisation or quote TWFO1!

Thank you,

The (Green Powered) Team

PS: It’ll probably come as no surprise, but they power everything we do!