Life from Life: planting a legacy memorial forest

For environmentalists the world over, the goal of leaving a light green footprint on the planet, can inspire people throughout their lives, right through to their death and beyond.

We recognise the importance some might have of planting trees to commemorate their loved ones. We’ve made provisions for the planting of tropical legacy forests in Kenya, for that very purpose.

Depending upon the size of land you wish to cover, we can do anything from a single tree, to a heart-shaped forest that could be seen from the sky. As mapping sources like Google Earth take new photos of our planet, in due course, you’d be able to visit your legacy forest from the comfort of your own home, via a satellite in space. We log the GPS coordinates of all of our trees and guarantee that if they die for any reason (think ‘rowdy baboons’) we’ll replace them; your environmental investment with Word Forest, is safe.

Imagine if you will, multiples of trees laid out as beautiful expanding green hearts, surrounded by larger hearts still, and all sorts of varieties; fruit bearing, nut bearing, medicine and other food bearing, and a hand-carved wooden plaque in the very centre of it, with the name of the person it has been planted to celebrate and honour.

Our forests are living legacies: they’re life giving, oxygen creating, shade bearing, food yielding, water securing and more besides. They are ‘life from life’.

If you’d like to have a chat about planting a few trees for your loved one, we understand that it might be a difficult – if wonderful – discussion to have, so we’ll be led entirely by you in a sensitive, gentle conversation. Call Simon or Tracey on 01297 533 111 or drop us a line if you prefer.

The Team

PS: We’d be happy to create a public or private page for you, similar to this one for those who knew and loved the passionate environmentalist and lawyer for the planet, Polly Higgins.

Further Reading:

If you’re not familiar with the work Word Forest is doing in Kenya, might we encourage you to read on for a short while. An environmental donation to us to plant trees, will do an awful lot more than you realise.

We plant trees, build classrooms and facilitate education in Kenya, we also sponsor a women’s empowerment group there called the Mothers of the Forest. Women are the backbone behind much of the planting we do in Kenya and the Mothers would likely be the folks involved in the planting of your memorial forest.

We’re busy reforesting Boré, an area approximately the size of West Dorset, in Coast Province, Kenya and the available space we have to plant on, is vast.

The natural capital of trees here has declined massively over decades, for a variety of reasons. These include over-exploitation of timber to build luxury developments, particularly at popular tourist destinations like Malindi and Mombasa, but also to clear land for cultivation of crops for animals and humans, to support the charcoal burning industry, for quarrying, and of course, for simple firewood, the mainstay for heat and fuel in many rural Kenyan homesteads.

More and more people in the communities we’re working in, are realising that cutting down trees has a great many negative impacts for them and local wildlife, and they coming around to the realisation that it’s exacerbating the devastating effects of climate change too.

The tree planting communities we work with in Boré understand the problem and they want to protect the trees, as the commodities from the forest are helping to lift them out of hunger and poverty too.

Do get in touch if you’d like to know more about any aspect of our work.