Our Visit to Kenya 2019: a brief outline

110,000 new saplings at the Boré main nursery

The dust is just beginning to settle on our teams’s annual monitoring and evaluation visit to Kenya, for 2019. Tracey and Simon West and Ru Hartwell – our CEO, Chair of Trustees and Trustee respectively – spent February in Boré, Coast Province. They were also accompanied for the month by volunteer and bushcraft tutor, Steve […]

A Tremendous 21 Months – Thanks To You!

A Whopping Great #GivingTuesday You folks are truly amazing, so many of you stepped up to the plate on #GivingTuesday and together we raised a stupendous £7,385. This will get almost 3,000 trees planted which will absorb 738½ tonnes of CO2 in a handful of years, and build more than 70% of a new classroom, and that’s before doubling by PayPal! Asante […]

Our Trip to Kenya 2018; the frontline of climate change: Part 1

Tracey West's notebook for the Word Forest Organisation's M&E visit to Kenya

You wouldn’t believe the difficulty I’ve had compiling extracts from my red-dust covered journals, following our monitoring and evaluation trip to Kenya in February. Despite the fact that I’ve received nothing but consistently supportive encouragement from my colleagues to scratch out a few creative words, I’ve also been paralysed with a bizarre form of writer’s […]

Clear the Air Conference: reforest Kenya 2018

Clear the Air Conference: reforest Kenya 2018

Delegates: please click here to complete the application form – places are limited. We are delighted to announce details of our inaugural Clear the Air Conference: reforest Kenya 2018. It will take place between 12-5pm on Saturday 17th February at The Green Belt Movement’s Langata Learning Centre in Karen, Nairobi. It will be a relaxed […]

Our ‘Clear the Air & Reforest the Planet’ Tour

A Kenyan giraffe eating from a lone tree

Our global weather is changing and becoming more extreme: that’s a fact. Do a little bit of independent research on the Internet and you’ll see that our planet is on track for yet another year of unusual extreme weather events, many of which will claim new records in the history books. The World Meteorological Organization […]