Boylos Poster for Green 4
There I was, having a regular old work day (which are all quite fantastic, if I’m honest) when an email […]
Mothers of the Forest: taking exams
Despite the fact that my school days were a very long time ago, I have no trouble casting my mind […]
Simon West
Huge thanks go out to our digital whizz and Chair of Trustees, Simon West! Over the past week, our resident […]
Trustee Rikey Austin, Supporter Wendy Robertshaw and Word Forest Organisation CEO Tracey West
Would you please run a fundraiser for our reforestation charity, The Word Forest Organisaion? Right now, we are on a deadly serious mission to get as many new saplings in the ground, as is humanly possible. The planet needs them.
money and time
Our financial information is available for public scrutiny at any time. Having read a few eye opening reports recently, we thought you might like a clear snapshot of what we pay our CEO, Tracey West, along with details of other averages from the charitable sector. She’s our only paid member of staff incidentally.
The image below should be left aligned, 300px wide, and the text should wrap around it. Lorem ipsum dolor sit […]