Celebrate with Liz

Liz Morris would like those of her friends and family who would like to celebrate her 60th Birthday with a gift, to plant some trees for her via this charity, The Word Forest Organisation. Each tree is £2.50, but that money does so much more.

  • £10 will plant 4, fruit or nut-bearing trees and give one of our Mothers of the Forest enough money to feed her family for four days.
  • £25 will plant 10 trees and buy a cooked meal for ten people who are attending one of our permaculture courses
  • £50 will plant 20 trees and pay for materials for five Mothers of the Forest to learn income generating activities like mat making
  • £100 will plant 40 trees and buy some key equipment, like a sewing machine, some wheelbarrows or permaculture farming tools

Liz writes:

In this my sixtieth year
I love my life and all I hold dear
I want for nothing so all I ask
Is that you might help me with my chosen task.
My aim is to plant 720 trees, 
one for each month of my life to ease
my conscience, and help the planet
get over all my dreadful habits!
Large cars, leaving lights on, purple hair and don’t mention
all the fast fashion and holidays flying
and hours of washing, tumbling and drying.
So, I want to give back to our lovely Earth
to plant trees and help celebrate my birth!

Liz Morris