track sports day fundraiser

We are about to become Mr and Mrs Dear!

We've never really been lovers of convention

or famed for taking a scientific approach to things

Scrabble fundraiser

and the ride up to our wedding will be no exception!

We're on a mission to get married

and we're doing it with bells on.

Paul is keeping a watchful eye on the budget

and we're main-lining tea as we tick off all the things to do.

plant sale fundraiser

We love a bit of travel and excitement

movie night fundraiser

and we've decided to jet off to Gibraltar to tie the knot!

It'll be a fairly quiet affair, with a couple of family members there to take photos

and we'll probably drag a couple of locals in to make sure we've done it properly.

open garden fundraiser

We're not hanging about either - it'll be done and dusted before Christmas!

Actually, we've earmarked it for somewhere between the 8th and 17th October

book sale fundraiser

which is a bit of a marathon sprint

but we're going to keep our cool

veggie challenge fundraiser

and we'll make sure we stop for the odd spot of liquid refreshment.

Then it'll be time for a party!

custard pie fundraiser

and a bit of a buffet and knees up.

chalk art fundraiser

If you're thinking about buying us a present, to be honest, we've got everything we need

but we'd love it if you could buy a few trees in our tropical wedding forest in Kenya

Our forest will leave a legacy and help us offset the CO2 we've made on our travels.

We'll be getting our glad rags on for our own special day soon!

Thank you for being a part of our adventure - Maggie and Paul xxx

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Buy Your Trees Here: Thank You

This young man is Kelvin Tsuma, he was 8 years old when this picture was taken and he’s stood in front of one of the classrooms we built.

Maggie and Paul’s trees will be planted near Kelvin’s school, Kundeni Primary, in Boré, Coast Province, Kenya.

His school friends and the local villagers will take care of them and ensure they grow tall and strong.

In a handful of years, the commodities from the trees will provide the community with medicines, food, building poles and water purifiers, and they’ll also help to lift the community out of poverty

Thank you making a difference to their lives and the planet too.