Hannah, Hollie, Ness and Alex Take on a Triathlon for Word Forest

Hollie, Alex, Hannah and Ness
Hollie, Alex, Hannah and Ness

Four fabulous sports and planet lovers take huge strides to help reforest Kenya!

Hannah, Alex, Hollie and Ness are preparing to square up to the demands of a tough triathlon in Windermere, Cumbria to raise urgently needed funds for us. They’re based near Sheffield and they all share our Team’s passion to do something amazing to combat global warming and help the environment. They’ve been in training for several months.

Hannah explains: “We’re very keen exercisers and we’re all up for this physical challenge! Plus, Alex and I did Veganuary earlier this year to give ourselves an extra health kick and we’ve just carried on with it. I think it has definitely helped with our stamina and overall fitness. Hollie, Ness and I did the Windermere Triathlon back in 2017 and we absolutely loved it. We’ve been hoping to do another one for some time and competing in this event again just seemed like the right choice.”

It’s going to be Alex’s first big sports fundraiser and he’s really excited to see how he performs. Alex adds: “We’ve all trained so hard over the past several months, improving our swimming, cycling and running our hearts out. It will be a huge challenge as everyone has events they aren’t so keen on, or don’t feel as comfortable doing. Hannah isn’t all that fond of running and until recently, I found the swim a particular challenge. I was inspired by my mum training to swim Lake Windermere recently though and a few weeks back we had a chance to train together. She helped me improve my breathing technique and it has made a real difference.”

Hannah adds: “There’s more to it than just the training, mind you. We’ve faced other smaller challenges along the way, such as trying to source our wetsuits and buying other necessary equipment, borrowing a road bike and such. That said, we’re now seriously looking forward to getting stuck in on the day, even if the first event is the swim that starts at 6.35 am!”

Hollie and Ness, add their thoughts: “As doctors, we like to try and set a good example to our patients and keep active. Exercise is invaluable to everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing. We love to get out and about in the Peak District. Training for the triathlon has enabled us to do that. It has been a great motivator and it’ll certainly help us along on the day!”

This winning Triathlon Team are particularly excited to fundraise so @WordForestOrg can plant more trees in Kenya. They're firm supporters of our projects and we're thrilled to say they're our Fundraisers of the Month!

Hannah concludes: “We’re all sending thanks to everyone that sponsors us, whatever amount it is. Large or small, we know every penny counts at Word Forest. We’re fans of their work and we’ve great admiration for the women’s empowerment work they do in Kenya too. Who knows, if this event goes really well, it could become a regular thing!”

To sponsor Hannah, Alex, Hollie and Ness, complete the form below and don’t forget, if you’re eligible for Gift Aid be sure to tick the box – it couldn’t be simpler – thank you!

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