It Has Been Our Pleasure

I must confess, creating our first Trees Are The Key Awareness Week for you, has meant the absolute world to us. For me, being part of the Live Feed Editorial Team has been an honour but I wish there had been more hours in the day as we had so much more content we wanted […]

Our Photo Competition Winner

Two people jumping by Jill Wellington of Pexels

After a truly joyous week celebrating the utter incrediblness of trees, it’s time for a final drum roll: ddddddddd… We are absolutely delighted to announce the winners (plural) of our inaugural Trees Are The Key Awareness Week photography competition. Yep, I know, the original plan was for there to be one prize but we had […]

Photo Competition Shortlist

Our photo competition is now closed and the entries are being judged. We were delighted with the quality of pictures which came in and it has been a really difficult job to whittle them down to our favourites. However, ahead of the final announcement, we would like to share with you the shortlisted images we […]

Day Seven: The Best Laid Plans

Mouse in the woods by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

In 1786, the incredible writer Robert Burns penned a poem that spoke about how, whilst ploughing a field, a mouse’s nest was upturned. The poem was essentially an apology to the mouse for the inconvenience it has suffered. One of the most recognisable lines from this particular poem was rinsed, repeated, tweaked and revived in […]

Day Six: Saturday 20th March

Photo competition gallery

Good Morning Tree Lovers, Everywhere! Did you have a bit of a lie in this morning? If you did, I hope you found a few moments to ponder some of the topics we’ve raised over the past few days.  Sometimes we need calm, quiet space to chew new ideas over before we can put them […]

The Last Post

Man standing on a tree branch by Lukas Rodriguez from Pexels

The weekend is nearly here. The sun is set to rise on Saturday morning at 6.14am in Langmoor Gardens near our UK HQ in Lyme Regis, Dorset. Our Team will be up with the larks, capturing photos of the sunrise through the trees for our gallery. We’ll post our favourite in the Live Feed later. […]

Are You Rub-bish at Tree Identification?


If all trees are to you, are those amazing tall, branchy things, some of which have blossom, others have nuts, a few are green and leafy all year but you don’t know all the rules and are hopeless at identifying them, don’t worry, it’s all good! You’re not alone. Loving them because they are, what […]

Laughter: Did You Know?

Photo of laughter by Benigno Hoyuela on Unsplash

What a wonderfully good medicine it is! Today’s Live Sunrise Broadcast on our Facebook feed focused on laughter. Tracey and Simon had a complete gigglefest as they explored what laughter does to us on a physiological and mental scale. Why not click the link above to listen to it as you make breakfast and start […]

Day Five: Friday 19th March

Clare Nasir interviewing Tom Watson

Good Morning Tree Lovers, Everywhere! Goodness me, it’s Friday, frequently the last day of the working week for many. If you have been busy and struggled to find time to pause and step into nature, I hope you’ll be able to manage it over the weekend. Before we dive into Saturday however, we’ve got the […]