Are You Rub-bish at Tree Identification?

If all trees are to you, are those amazing tall, branchy things, some of which have blossom, others have nuts, a few are green and leafy all year but you don’t know all the rules and are hopeless at identifying them, don’t worry, it’s all good!

You’re not alone.

Loving them because they are, what they are, is just fine. However, if you’d like to broaden your knowledge we’ve found a smashing resource from BBC Wildlife Magazine. It’s called: How to identify a tree by its bark. Using their super-useful tree bark identification guide, you’ll soon be able to work out the differences between some of the UK’s most common trees.

It might be fun to collect a few bark rubbings on your walks to help you remember what’s what and I suspect by now, you’ll have got my play on words in the title of this short update… lol… rub-bish

Have fun!