sunrise at Lyme Regis

Have You Visited the Gallery?

Oh my word, you are a creative bunch! The pictures we’ve received for our free to enter photo contest, are smashing.

We’ve received entries from all over the world of trees at sunset, through the mornings, in the afternoons, early evenings and at sunset. As quickly as we’re putting them up, another arrives via the contest portal.

Thanks for digging out your favourite old tree pics and for taking news ones. Not only does the gallery look wonderful, it’s helping us chill out at the office during our exceptionally busy week. Better still, we’ve received word that your images are also helping folks who – for a variety of reasons – cannot get out and about so easily – thank you for spreading the word about the initiative on your social platforms.

If you need a prescription to de-stress yourself today, pay an enjoyable visit at least once a day to breeze through our curated tree art. Click here and take a slow, wander through the virtual Word Forest… and breathe