It Has Been Our Pleasure

I must confess, creating our first Trees Are The Key Awareness Week for you, has meant the absolute world to us. For me, being part of the Live Feed Editorial Team has been an honour but I wish there had been more hours in the day as we had so much more content we wanted to shoehorn in and share with you.

So many people worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to deliver inspirational articles, videos, graphics, social media posts and more. Very special thanks go out to Clare, Bill, Sue, Helen, Chris, Anna, Fran, Izzy, Lauren, Rachel and Simon to name but a few – what #TreeHeroes you all are!

We hope you’ve been able to try some of our suggestions and we hope also that you’ll think about trees in a different light now. One that shows how incredibly powerful they can be as stabilising and positive influences in our busy lives and how calming and soothing they can be to us when we’re sailing on troubled waters.

As we prepare to close the book on our inaugural Trees Are The Key Awareness Week, our final words of thanks go to you for reading our words and sending messages of support.

Simon and I would like to dedicate this final page to an inspirational woman who has taught us both so much about Mother Nature, Miss Valerie Jay. Her dedication to the pursuit (and sharing) of knowledge of trees, flowers and organically grown vegetables, was off the scale of impressive. For over 80 years, she has rolled with all the challenges the seasons presented her with and she has sought joy and perfection in every example of companion growing, possible. Her green fingers and extensive knowledge of botany has been a joy to learn from. Her garden, an ever changing palette of uplifting colour and scent. Here are a tiny handful of images snapped from her garden that we hope will make you smile.

We must work with Mother Nature and the seasons. There is a time to plant, a time to grow, a time to harvest and a time to go.

As my dear friend Davina Utting says: ‘It doesn’t matter how many orchards you plant; without bees there will be no apples’.

Tracey and The Team