Photo of laughter by Benigno Hoyuela on Unsplash

Laughter: Did You Know?

What a wonderfully good medicine it is!

Today’s Live Sunrise Broadcast on our Facebook feed focused on laughter. Tracey and Simon had a complete gigglefest as they explored what laughter does to us on a physiological and mental scale.

Why not click the link above to listen to it as you make breakfast and start your day, then ponder on what makes you giggle or titter or break into fits of rib-tickling laughter.

There’s heaps of scientific research backing up their claims about how good it is for us. A teeny tiny Internet search found these:

What would happen if you combined laughter therapy whilst being amongst the trees? That surely has to give you a souped up boost of internal good!

Our Team certainly felt it this morning and they’ll be back tomorrow to explore another aspect of how wonderful tree are for us. Until then, here are a few cracking photos of giggling amid the trees to fire up your chuckle muscles.