Poetry photo by Yeong K Yeong Lee on Unsplash

Say Hi to the Haiku’s

We’re blessed to have a talented Team of volunteers behind us, all working tirelessly to deliver great content to you through Trees Are The Key Awareness Week.

One such soul is Izzy Robertson. She’s the Literary Trustee and curator of editorial content at The Word Forest Organisation. Izzy is also an accomplished fantasy fiction author who has also been known to pen and perform her poetry and prose. She writes great articles too.

Here are a few of her Haiku’s to celebrate our week – thank you Izzy!

Just stop. Take a breath.
Find quiet in the chaos.
Trust in this moment.

In this time of change
feel your feet firmly planted
the earth will hold you

We are thankful for
The Mothers Of The Forest
Planting our future

Near the equator
The trees grow much faster so
That’s where we plant them