Visual Gorgeousness For Your Video Calls Next Week

Let’s face it, if you didn’t know what video calls were before 2020, you sure do now!

Personally, I’ve been advocating for business people to use video conferencing for many years. As far as the planet is concerned, it’s surely better to meet up with colleagues and contacts virtually, rather than hopping on planes and other forms of transport if you don’t need to.

We’re all hoping frequent travellers in the business world will consider making this planet friendly option, their first option in the future.

The only problem with firing the computer up when we’re working from home, is sometimes we show a little bit more than we planned… little piles of ironing, dusting, you get my drift.

We’ve got the perfect solution for that! Vibrant Video Backgrounds.

Guess what? We made you a great big batch of them, featuring stunning photos of wildlife and landscapes. These particular backgrounds also celebrate Trees Are The Key Awareness Week.

Click here to take a look at them and download your favourite ones – free of charge, naturally!

…there’s more where they came from…