Plant Trees to Offset the CO2 From Your Driving

Thank you for considering offsetting your vehicle’s CO2 emissions with us. Enter the number of miles you travel each year, find the official CO2 per km for your car (this site may help) and we’ll convert that into tonnes of CO2 and the number of trees required to offset it.

Offsetting 0kg of CO2

When you plant a tree with us the villagers will clear the scrub, grow a seed in their nurseries until it is a viable tree, dig a water capture basin for it, then carefully plant it, water it and look after it. If the tree dies, our agreement is that they will replant it to ensure that your investment in CO2 capture is not lost. In the latest school we are working with (called Kadunguni School) they are proud to have a greater than 90% tree survival rate at three years, by which time the trees are very well established and likely to survive indefinitely.

In addition to this, for every four thousand trees we plant, we also build a complete classroom for the school that is over-seeing the planting. This is a very big incentive for the villagers to plant the trees. The classrooms bring education and hope beyond words for the children. It helps the teachers with resources we take for granted such as desks and blackboards, plus they don’t have to speak so loudly and there are far fewer distractions for the children.

This all starts with a tree.

We really hope you decide to invest in the future of the planet and the community in Kenya, by planting trees with us. Each tree, with all the benefits listed above is just £2.50, so for example 8 trees would be £20, and we would be delighted to send you a certificate of tree planting.