Plant Trees in Kundeni Word Forest

About The Word Forest

It is located in Bore, a remote area on the Coast Province and a bumpy car journey of 1 1/2 hrs from the popular beach resort of Malindi. It used to be a lush, abundant tropical forest but the trees were cut down and used for many things, including – rather ironically – the construction of holiday accommodation by the coast.

Now, our glorious, verdant Word Forest spans out from Kundeni Primary School. It has engaged the hearts of everyone involved in its development, including our Trustee, Ru Hartwell, who has been planting trees, constructing buildings and working with this local community for almost a decade.

There are a handful of good nurseries in the area run by local villagers, and their staff nurture the seeds right through to them being sapling trees. Once they have been planted and are bedded in well, their location is collected on a GPS logger by Project Manager, Alex Katana.

What We’ve Done So Far

The Word Forest at Kundeni comprises of 71 acres of varying species, all growing tall and strong. The forest is protected and cared for by local villagers and the children from Kundeni Primary School.

Our reforestation project is responsible for:

  • the welcome return of wildlife and birds to the area
  • protection from the elements for the community and wildlife
  • the commencement of a Wildlife Club at Kundeni Primary School to protect and study the forest
  • sustainable development of the community and creation of local employment
  • developing good forestry management skills and selling the commodities of a healthy forest:
    • food from cashews trees
    • moringa seeds which purify water
    • neem which provides vital medicines
    • building poles used in construction


What We Can Do With Your Help

Financial assistance will get straight to the heart of the problem and allow us to:

  • boost the supply of seeds to the nurseries
  • increase the physical green footprint of this vital tropical forest
  • remove approximately 240kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, per tree and produce oxygen
  • absorb other harmful gasses like sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide from the atmosphere
  • prevent destructive soil erosion
  • create shade and protection from harsh elements for animals and wildlife
  • create rainfall and moderate temperatures through transpiration
  • keep the planet’s climate a little cooler
  • continue to lift local communities out of poverty

With continued support reforesting this area, our experts believe the trees will be help bring back ‘the normal rains’. Yet again, the local counties of Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Lamu, Tana River and Taita Taveta have suffered devastating drought. The National Drought Management Authority bulletins indicate that most parts of the country have experienced cumulatively poor rains during the October-December 2016 ‘short rains’ period. This has negatively impacted crop and range land conditions and the drought situation is at alarm phase. As as January 2017, some areas in Kilifi and Lamu counties are now experiencing emergency food insecurity.

The simple planting of forests can alleviate so many of these unnecessary conditions and we thank you in advance for anything you can do to help us get them in the ground. Please click here to donate.

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