A Nutritious Meal for 40 Women


This is a truly amazing purchase. It’s mostly women who are responsible for planting & nurturing the saplings, taking care of them from nursery to maturity. They work tirelessly doing that & looking after their families too. There are few opportunities for respite so the Mothers of the Forest’s fortnightly meetings are seen as an absolute blessing. This gift will enable them to gather together, rest a while, enjoy a good meal with fruit & fresh water & share best practice for tending the forest.

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In 2019 The Word Forest Organisation set up a women’s empowerment group called ‘The Mothers of the Forest’ to help the women of the Bore, Kenya community. These mothers plant and tend to our new trees helping them reach maturity, as well as work constantly to ensure their families are fed. After they have walked for up to two hours to get to their twice-monthly meetings, a nourishing meal prepared by someone else and fresh, clean water to drink is a most welcome reward for planting trees.
The Word Forest Organisation plant trees, build schools, facilitate education & support women’s empowerment in rural Kenya. Word Forest believes the best way to ensure the health, well-being and protection of the new fast-growing forests is by applying a holistic approach, investing in the people who are tending the trees.