Build a New Classroom in Kenya


This is, without a doubt, the largest donation we can humbly ask any individual to make, however, it has happened before and it would be remarkable if it happened again.

If you are able to fund the construction, and complete kitting out of an entire classroom, your generosity will create a precious learning space with protection from the unforgiving elements where children and the wider community can study. This sizeable contribution would pay for all the construction materials, the labour, the paint and for adequate desks and chairs to be made too. It would also include a lockable library at the back of the classroom for books that everyone could enjoy and benefit from; the lock is required for much the same reason as the bars on the windows, to prevent monkeys coming in and ripping these precious commodities to shreds.

Aside from helping generations of students to broaden their horizons by getting a good education, you’ll also create a large amount of employment in the local area to construct it and you’ll give youngsters the opportunity to learn new life skills as they assist the elders with architecture, carpentry, stone masonry etc.

Additionally, the arrival of a new classroom will encourage the students to attend school more regularly, which will improve their grades and help them all aspire towards a good vocation, so they don’t have to rely on common backstops like the sex trade.

Every human has the right to a good education and we’ve seen so many tangible improvements throughout the whole community of Bore since we built their first classroom. It is life changing, it is the stuff of legacy.

We also have a range of things that could happen to commemorate your kindness, including personal recognition painted on the entrance to the classroom and a beautiful hand-carved plaque being sent to you from the artisans in the village.

If you need any further evidence of the positive impact you could make by funding a classroom, take a moment to look at Our Impact.

If you would like to chat to our management team to find out more, Tracey or Simon West will be very happy to discuss it with you. Just drop us a line with your details.

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