The eBook of Rubbish Ideas

Our CEO, Tracey West, wrote The Book of Rubbish Ideas and she is delighted to gift it to you.

If you’d like to read it, click ‘Add To Cart’ below, then ‘Checkout’ to purchase it for the princely sum of nothing. All we ask is that you consider making a donation to our reforestation charity. Every £10 we receive will enable us to plant 4 trees in Kenya and in a handful of years, they’ll absorb a whole tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Our CEO, Tracey West, is a passionate environmentalist and an advocate for simple, green living.

In 2008, she was commissioned by Fragile Earth Books/Sawdays to pen an interactive, room-by-room, guide to reducing household waste and keeping more money in your pocket. She wrote ‘The Book of Rubbish Ideas’, a quirky, upbeat, thought provoking, interactive read that she hoped would rally the masses into taking action and living more sustainably.

It was the only Fragile Earth title that completely sold out.

The book is packed with simple tips and has several guided calls to activism that are easy to replicate and engage others with. Despite the fact that the dates and figures are slightly out of date, it is a fantastic read for anyone looking to cut down the amount of rubbish they create, particularly the plastic detritus that can be harder to deal with and is currently causing chaos on land and sea.

Tracey is gifting the ebook version of this title to anyone that wants to read it and humbly asks that if the reader is able to donate any funds to our reforestation charity, she’ll turn that gift straight into trees in our forests in Kenya. These will remove carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere and also help lift impoverished communities out of poverty.

Tracey explains, “Our planet is desperately calling out to us, pleading for us to treat it with more respect and to take responsibility for the space we inhabit, and the places we’ll never see. Our oceans have vast pools of noxious, toxic soup created from plastic and liquid pollutants and what should be clean air, weighs in heavy with unwanted particulates that are killing countless thousands of humans and wildlife. In the recently screened television series Blue Planet II, Sir David Attenborough reiterates that dolphins and other sea creatures are now ingesting catastrophic levels of plastic rubbish. Additionally, in 2016 the European Food Safety Authority warned of an increased risk to human health and food safety given the potential for micro-plastic pollution in edible tissues of commercial fish.”

“Many governments seem oblivious to the repeated sobering warnings that are being delivered by respected scientists and naturalists, just like Sir David. Governments the world over  should abide by a decent, moral obligation to hand down a clean, safe planet to future generations. They should be investing heavily in the development of renewable sources of energy, yet they seem predisposed on seeking the cheapest, most effective ways of draining the last drops of fossil fuel from our earth; oil is, of course, the key ingredient of plastic production.

“We humans must get a grip on the rubbish we are responsible for, cutting out what we can and drastically reducing what we can’t. My book might be able to help you make a start, or to go the extra mile. Please download it, digest it and shift into action today – thank you”.

Tracey is CEO of The Word Forest Organisation, Patron of the Women’s Action Network Dorset, a member of The Vegan Society, a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and a member of their Sustainability Network.