Fund a Community Educator


News of your spirited and generous donation will delight our team and will be gratefully received by the communities we’re working with in the Coast Province of Kenya too.

Secondary school teachers in Kenya have recently received a much needed pay increase and they earn approximately 34,955 Kenyan Shillings, which converts to approximately £2,700 per annum. Your donation of £3,700 will allow us to employ one community educator for a year, or any derivative thereof, ie twelve educators working on month-long projects. The additional funds will help pay for resources required to pass the knowledge onto their communities; films, leaflets etc.

Knowledge is the key to the success of any project and that’s what sponsorship of community educators delivers. In order to make our reforestation projects in Kenya help the planet, the workers who are planting them need to understand the long-term value of caring for these environmental investments once they’re in the ground.

The schools we’re working with are completely invested in what we’re doing, because they’ve already seen the benefits of our combined efforts and have started Wildlife Clubs to help the youngsters realise the importance of their role.

Indigenous community educators have pivotal parts to play in our reforestation projects. Armed with adequate resources, they will be able to raise environmental and forestry awareness with teachers and within communities. They will be able to get the villagers and children on board post haste and they only need to refer back to the countless successes that have been experienced in the community around Kundeni Primary School, where we planted our first Word Forest.

We’re not going to stop at awareness of good forestry management however. It’s widely recognised that women in Kenya are undervalued and greatly under-resourced, so we are also forging ahead with an empowering programme to equip them with knowledge about women’s general health, menstruation and more. These vital lessons are best delivered by respected members of the community and we cannot thank you enough for sharing our values helping us realise this goal.

If this is a gift for someone special, drop us a line and we’ll create a personalised electronic certificate for you at no extra cost.