Gift of Classroom Equipment


Learning to read, write & do maths needs little more than a good teacher & a few basic materials. In rural Kenya it’s a challenge. Students often have to wait until their last year of primary school before they’re given their first exercise book & pencil. Equipping a student with these fundamental items will significantly ramp up their ability to learn the skills they’re going to need for life. Education well learned & shared, will help vulnerable communities survive this rapidly changing world.

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Learning to read, write and do arithmetic needs very little other than a good teacher. A pencil and an exercise book are vital to allow the students to learn the skills they need to help their community survive in a rapidly changing world. Plus we will plant a tree for every exercise book and pencil bought. Trees planted near the equator grow faster than anywhere else in the World. As well as mitigating climate change and creating safe habitats for wildlife and humans too, the commodities from the trees help alleviate hunger and poverty. The Word Forest Organisation plant trees, build schools, facilitate education & support women’s empowerment in rural Kenya. Word Forest believes the best way to ensure the health, well-being and protection of the new fast-growing forests is by applying a holistic approach, investing in the people who are tending the trees.