Men's Moringa T-shirt

Also known as the miracle tree, Moringa is one of the most nutrient dense plants in the world and has been popular for centuries for its medicinal powers. Every part of the tree can be eaten – the leaves are eaten like spinach, the seed pods are similar to green beans and the roots can be eaten like horseradish. One serving of Moringa provides three times the amount of iron as spinach!

This colourful illustration has been printed on to a 100% organic cotton t-shirt, in a renewable energy-powered UK factory.

By buying this t-shirt, you’re enabling us to get trees in the ground – thank you!



Kick start your day with an epic new print, on our classic t-shirt. And even better, it’s been printed using low waste technology by a certified organic company in the UK.

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Not tested on animals. Does not contain animal-derived products.