Buy Our Trees




Everything we do starts with just one tree and for £2.50, our forestry team in Kenya will plant one for you.

We plant a variety of drought resistant types and they’re selected by the community, based upon their needs. For example, if they require more food, it might be a cashew or a mango perhaps and if they need building poles, they may go for casuarina.

Once the tree has settled in nicely, our Project Manager, Alex Katana will log the GPS coordinates of it, which allows us to keep a good eye on it’s progress, from space.

In a tiny handful of years, it will have absorbed and locked in around 1/4 tonne of CO2 and other pollutants.

We also use your kind contribution to buy a few building materials for urgently needed classrooms too. We’re currently building at Kadunguni Primary School in Boré.

The only decision you have to make, is how many you’d like us to plant!