Reforest an Acre of Land in Kenya


Your incredibly kind donation will enable us to reforest a whole acre of barren land with a wide variety of trees. News of it will be very gratefully received by one of the communities we’re working with in the Coast Province of Kenya.

Your gift will have a luscious green footprint as large as a football field, packed full of life-giving trees. As well as creating an impressive amount of employment to clear and prepare the land, then plant and care for your mini-forest, it will also provide a safe habitat and cool canopy for all manner of wildlife and give protection from the elements to lots of humans too, all living at the sharp end of climate change.

This donation will enrich a currently devastated African landscape beyond all recognition and provide temperature control, which is welcome news, particularly as NASA has confirmed that last year was the hottest since records began. Your trees will definitely encourage the normal rains to return, biodiversity to flourish once more and make an remarkable financial difference to an impoverished community.

Thank you again for your life changing donation – you’re a #TreeHero, thank you!

If this is a gift for someone special, drop us a line and we’ll create a personalised electronic certificate for you at no extra cost.