Reforest a Hectare of Land in Kenya


Your amazing donation will enable us to reforest a seriously large chunk of land that is currently sitting in a devastated state.

News of the imminent arrival of funds will be gratefully received by one of the communities we’re working with in the Coast Province of Kenya. They will promptly organise the clearing and preparation of an entire hectare of land – that’s well over two football pitches in size – and it will soon transform into an impressive green space.

Rest comfortably in the knowledge that you have created a good amount of employment to get your grove planted and cared for and directly helped to lift a community out of poverty. Once the trees are established, they will provide an attractive, safe habitat for all manner of wildlife and biodiversity will flourish once more.

This contribution to the Word Forest will enrich the landscape beyond all recognition and the canopy will bring relief from the blazing sun, which is good news, particularly as NASA has confirmed that last year was the hottest since records began. The trees will also encourage the normal rains to return, protect the land from soil erosion when they do and in no time at all, they’ll begin to absorb pollutants and purify the air we breathe across the planet.

The list of benefits from reforesting a hectare of land is almost endless and do you see the person in our photo, the one stood on top of the world? That’ll be us when news of your donation arrives!

This is life changing kindness – you’re an absolute #TreeHero and responsible for a creating a legacy forest that will help countless people, flora and fauna.

If this is a gift for someone special, drop us a line and we’ll create a personalised electronic certificate for you at no extra cost.