Offset the Carbon of an Average UK Citizen with 40 trees


Your donation will be very gratefully received by one of the communities we’re working with in the Coast Province of Kenya.

40 trees would offset 10 tonnes of CO2, the average amount of carbon created per annum by a UK Joe, or Josephine. This amount of planting will cover a sizeable piece of land, it will protect it from soil erosion and the very act of getting them in the ground will create a bit of employment too. This lovely copse will have an impressive green footprint once it reaches maturity in a handful of years and it’ll clean the air that blows around our planet, benefiting every breathing creature on it.

The trees will also keep the planet a bit cooler too, which is welcome news, particularly as NASA has confirmed that 2016 was the hottest since records began.

Now that’s a fabulous way to spend £100 – you’re a proper #TreeHero, thank you!

If you would like to have a clearer idea of what your carbon footprint is, take a look at the WWF Carbon Calculator and spend a few minutes working through a list of multiple choice questions.

If this is a gift for someone special, drop us a line and we’ll create a personalised electronic certificate for you at no extra cost.