Support a Mother of the Forest: 1 month


An amazing donation of £10 will substantially empower a Mother of the Forest for a whole month. It will give her two nutritious meals & clean fresh water at the fortnightly meetings. Additionally she’ll get reading, literacy & maths lessons delivered by a tutor & sisterly support from the network the group has created. She’ll also earn an income, allowing her to feed her family without having to turn to charcoal burning to survive. It’ll also enable the planting of 4 trees too, fantastic!



In 2019 The Word Forest Organisation set up a women’s empowerment group called ‘The Mothers of the Forest’ to help the women of the Bore, Kenya community who plant and tend to our new trees helping them reach maturity. A £10 donation will help a woman in our Mothers of the Forest group feed her family for a whole month, as well as pay for her two lessons with meals that month too. She won’t have to resort to charcoal burning to make enough money to survive, and she will plant four trees as well!
The Word Forest Organisation plant trees, build schools, facilitate education & support women’s empowerment in rural Kenya. Word Forest believes the best way to ensure the health, well-being and protection of the new fast-growing forests is by applying a holistic approach, investing in the people who are tending the trees.