The Gift of Education: One lesson of adult learning for 40 women


Thank you! This phenomenal purchase will enable education for the 40 members of our women’s empowerment group, Mothers of the Forest. It is a life changing gift! Your kindness will teach them to read, write & do maths. By supporting them with knowledge, you’re also helping guarantee the health & wellbeing of the forests the Mothers take care of. To mitigate climate change, they need to reach maturity & drawdown tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. It all begins with love & learning #TreesAreTheKey

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For a woman with a family, getting the education you should have had when you were a girl is, quite literally, life changing. From being able to work out simple sums so you can sell your spare produce, to reading the road signs so you know where you are when travelling, these life skills empower the women to pull themselves out of poverty. In 2019 The Word Forest Organisation set up a women’s empowerment group called ‘The Mothers of the Forest’ to help the women of the Bore, Kenya community. These mothers plant and tend to our new trees helping them reach maturity, and in return they now have two hours tuition in Kiswahili, English and Maths twice a month.
The Word Forest Organisation plant trees, build schools, facilitate education & support women’s empowerment in rural Kenya. Word Forest believes the best way to ensure the health, well-being and protection of the new fast-growing forests is by applying a holistic approach, investing in the people who are tending the trees.