Adam and Eve – song


Adam and Eve – a beautiful song by The Gillies

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The Gillies are a Folk /Americana influenced acoustic duo from SE London. They write haunting songs with bittersweet vocals that lay over intertwining guitars.
Susan plays a Tenor Guitar and Gilly plays Gibson J45

Adam and Eve began as part of a song challenge about food with a community arts project, Eltham Arts, in SE London. We had always wanted to write a song about the idea of Adam and Eve as its the ultimate love affair, a paradise? Intertwining our ideas about broken relationships, Adam and Eve became our story of relationships and endings. The vulnerability of feeling alone and exposed at the same time, both wanting to be together but knowing it wont work. After that, where do you go? ‘And now there’s no hiding place’ which was were the idea can from… cast out from paradise.

Eve stood under a tree, a tree of knowledge, eating an apple, but we like cherry pie best.

The song is also on their new album ‘No Hiding Place‘ released in April 2018.

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