Women's Cashew T-shirt

Who knew this popular snack grew on the end of a red fruit called the cashew apple? The juice from these apples is used by locals to make drinks and jams and to flavour porridge. Many of the cashew trees we’ve planted are largely pollinated by bats who help the tree produce its delicious crop.

This colourful illustration has been printed on to a 100% organic cotton t-shirt, in a renewable energy-powered UK factory.

By buying this t-shirt, you’re enabling us to get trees in the ground – thank you!



Kick start your day with an epic new print, on our classic t-shirt. And even better, it’s been printed using low waste technology by a certified organic company in the UK.

Grab yourself one today before 3pm to get UK fast delivery.

Not tested on animals. Does not contain animal-derived products.