The Word Forest near Kundeni Primary School in Bore, Kenya has recently received a massive boost from our fundraising efforts.

Many of the new trees are just saplings sitting in the neighbouring nursery, but once they’ve all been planted, it will have a delicious green footprint of around 71 acres and comprise of around 10,000 native trees.

Wembley Stadium from the airTo get that into perspective, if you have ever seen Wembley Stadium in London, it’s around 42 times as big as that!

In a handful of years once the trees have reached maturity, they will absorb an average of 240kg of CO2 per tree. If the Word Forest Kundeni stayed at 71 acres, that would mean it would have soaked up and locked down around 2,400 tonnes of carbon and purified the air we all need to breathe.

In addition to helping the planet stay cool, our trees have encouraged biodiversity to flourish once more, as all forms of wildlife are finding their way back to the area to visit, feed and to make their nests and lairs.

Wild cats are hunting there at night, the dik-dik (the smallest of the antelope family) are back too and I’ll have to do a completely new post to tell you all about the birds that have returned!

Trees are the lungs of the planet and we’ve got big plans to take a very deep breath and do some serious planting.

The Team