Trees Are The Key

Awareness Week

21-27 March 2022

2022 Theme: So What Do Trees Really Do For Us?

We believe that trees are the key to solving so many of the world’s problems, not just climate chaos. They are crucial ingredients for a healthy environment and every living, breathing inhabitant of our planet.

Trees are the ultimate gift (from Mother Nature) that keep on giving. They clean the air that we all breathe, manufacture precious oxygen, allow biodiversity to flourish, and give habitat for wildlife. They also help to maintain high levels of organic matter for the soil, and via their roots systems help to improve the soil’s ability to absorb and retain water.

As if that’s not enough, the crops from different types of trees worldwide provide a range of commodities: fruits, nuts and other foodstuffs, medicine, building materials and more.
Bookmark this page, and join us on our social channels as we find out just what trees really do for us. Starting on the International Day of the Forests, Monday 21st March, we will be sharing a wealth of articles, engaging interviews with climate scientists, and a free Friday evening screening of our documentary #TreesAreTheKey, narrated by Kate Winslet on 25th March. There will also be free online courses from our Educational Learning Platform, and a series of free lessons and activities aimed at KS2 Primary School pupils (ages 7-11). Plus a series of nature based poems and other events.

Loch Hourn, Scottish Highlands by indianabones on Pixabay

Re-establishing The Caledonian Forest

Listen to this article. The Scottish Highlands – a mesmerising expanse of moorland, mountain and boreal forest with a deep and vibrant history. Stories of King Arthur and Merlin tell of this mystical land and its ability to come to life, aiding them in battle and protecting its inhabitants from violent outsiders. This is a truly iconic place and unlike any other. However, five thousand years ago, it was not the mostly treeless landscape we see today. A vast and dense blanket of Scots Pine stood from Loch Lomond in the south to the Cairngorms in the east and almost

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Tree root and waterfall by Zach Reiner on Unsplash


Eco-Resilience is our second FREE course at ‘Learn With Word Forest’. Enrol to learn about Eco-anxiety and the health effects of climate change, in addition

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Trees Are The Key Awareness Week is an initiative from UK Registered Charity, The Word Forest Organisation, run each March to encompass The International Day of the Forests. Based in Devon we plant trees, support women’s empowerment, build schools and facilitate education in rural Kenya. We raise environmental awareness and plant trees in the UK too.

See our positive impact in action in the documentary #TreesAreTheKey narrated by Kate Winslet.

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