Certificates of Tree Planting

A selection of our certificates

Our Certificates of Tree Planting in Kenya are the most ethical, sustainable, earth-loving gifts on the planet! Giving friends and loved ones a virtual gift like this, makes you an absolute #TreeHero!

Your trees will be loved, watered and nurtured to maturity and in no time at all, your gift will turn into a legacy. You choose how many trees you want to plant and the certificate will show how much CO2 that will absorb.

The certificates are super-quick and easy to create and we’ve got 13 different categories and designs to peruse and many feature the trees we plant in Kenya. There’s one to celebrate the Festive Season, we’ve got a beautiful Thank You, a Congratulations, Welcoming a New Baby, Retirement and more. It’s your wording that personalises them, as the text on the body of the certificates is the same, so if you want to use one in a different category, feel free.

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