children planting trees

Your planetary investment is safe with us; we commit to the planting, nurturing and the protection of your trees, right through to maturity.

man in airport

We can arrange a carbon footprint assessment of your business and help you (ideally double) offset the CO2 created by your organisation.

people on film shoot

Interdepartmental fundraising can incentivise staff to get competitive through team building and help us get trees in the ground in Kenya.

map nailed to tree

Once the trees are established, you’ll receive the GPS co-ordinates of your forest and be able to monitor them as satellite images are updated.

very tall buildings

We will help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors, elevating your CSR profile in the business community and to your employees.

Boré worker making a roof

Our partnership agreements are made directly with the communities we work with, making our work the most cost-effective it could be.

Wood and shavings

We’ll commission two hand-carved plaques for top level supporters: one to mark the edge of your forest, the second for your reception or board room.

Woman and baby from Boré

You’ll create equal opportunity employment in poor communities – we set a high bar for inclusion of marginalised groups and gender equality.

We support... badge

We can provide you with a range of digital assets to use on your website or stationery. For top level supporters we can provide bespoke video too.

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Could you be our next ethical corporate partner?

Our Corporate Partners

We take our partnerships seriously and will do all we can to provide you with the best stewardship.