We have been planning a smashing event at Unit 1a, St Michael’s Business Centre in Lyme Regis, on Friday 13th […]
If you’re a fan of eBay and a lover of the planet, we’ve got a great idea for combining the […]
Word Forest Featured on Wiki Video poster
With climate change and other ecological disasters threatening our planet, it’s more important than ever that we understand the effects […]
Tracey West and the fundraising bags
That is quite possibly the longest title on our entire website but I just couldn’t trim it down! I wanted […]
Image of crowd of youth strikers for climate from Teach the Future
Following our recent activities alongside the Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate team, we wanted to find out more about the […]
No planet b picture
If it’s your birthday soon, please accept a virtual hug from everyone at Word Forest… that’s one BIG hug! If […]
Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate march
On Friday 14th February, some of our Team made their presence felt at the Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate gathering […]
What started as a desire to create a polite sign in our communal kitchen at work, telling people to take […]
Pupils from Cappabue National School singing One Small Change
We have a wonderful possie of Facebook friends and supporters and it’s not hard to guess that many of them […]
Peonie's Patchwork Tree
Our wonderful volunteer Ceri and I are in the office today. There we were, heads down cracking on with our […]