How You Can Help

Thank you for considering supporting us. Regular donations allow us to plan and sustainably manage the work we carry out in Kenya. Knowing that you’re supporting us every month means we can invest in more trees and support the communities who depend them, for the long term.

See below for various ways to give.

You can help us with a Donation , by becoming a Member which will help us plan year on year, or by leaving us a Legacy to give others a future.

Thank you.

Sports Day – most schools have them, some companies have them too – we’d be really happy to plant trees for the winners – get in touch today!

Swimming Challenge – dive right in there and have fun keeping fit and raising funds too!

Scrabble Tournament – now that sounds like a peaceful pursuit and the race will be on to lay down 7 letter words!

Big Walk - a nicely planned route for a big walk, run or jog and all for a great charity too. It's a marvellous way of getting your event in the local paper!

Plant Sale – from tiny seedlings, great things can grow, including our funds to plant trees!

Custard Pie the Boss - but only with their express permission, of course. Try pitching it to them as a team building event... and good luck!

Have a Movie Night In – invite your chums around and ask them to pop a few pounds in the pot for us… get creative in the kitchen and make popcorn and soft drink sales too!

Pamper Up – you can’t beat a good pamper evening where all the bits of your body say, ‘Ooohhh’ in unison. Every pound raised will help us make a big difference!

Open Your Garden – Mary, Mary quite jolly lovely, how does your garden grow? Short walks around your pride and joy should bring in a blossoming kitty!

Take the Veggie Challenge – be sponsored to go veggie for a week or a month – you never know, you might just love it!

Have an Art Jam – check with the council if you’re planning on doing this in a public place, but all you need is chalk, pavement, some great ideas and a dry day!

Sticky Bun o’clock – served with tea, with coffee, with soft drinks… bake up some yummies and sell them with a nice drink, everyone’s happy!

Old Book Sale – dust off your shelves and make way for new reading material! Sell them through eBay and we’ll make a bit more cash too.

Get on Yer Bike - and cycle your way towards some super fundraising: remember, Lycra is not a fashion statement, it's clingy and optional!

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