How You Can Help

Sports Day – most schools have them, some companies have them too – we’d be really happy to plant trees for the winners – get in touch today!

Swimming Challenge – dive right in there and have fun keeping fit and raising funds too!

Scrabble Tournament – now that sounds like a peaceful pursuit and the race will be on to lay down 7 letter words!

Big Walk - a nicely planned route for a big walk, run or jog and all for a great charity too. It's a marvellous way of getting your event in the local paper!

Plant Sale – from tiny seedlings, great things can grow, including our funds to plant trees!

Custard Pie the Boss - but only with their express permission, of course. Try pitching it to them as a team building event... and good luck!

Have a Movie Night In – invite your chums around and ask them to pop a few pounds in the pot for us… get creative in the kitchen and make popcorn and soft drink sales too!

Pamper Up – you can’t beat a good pamper evening where all the bits of your body say, ‘Ooohhh’ in unison. Every pound raised will help us make a big difference!

Open Your Garden – Mary, Mary quite jolly lovely, how does your garden grow? Short walks around your pride and joy should bring in a blossoming kitty!

Take the Veggie Challenge – be sponsored to go veggie for a week or a month – you never know, you might just love it!

Have an Art Jam – check with the council if you’re planning on doing this in a public place, but all you need is chalk, pavement, some great ideas and a dry day!

Sticky Bun o’clock – served with tea, with coffee, with soft drinks… bake up some yummies and sell them with a nice drink, everyone’s happy!

Old Book Sale – dust off your shelves and make way for new reading material! Sell them through eBay and we’ll make a bit more cash too.

Get on Yer Bike - and cycle your way towards some super fundraising: remember, Lycra is not a fashion statement, it's clingy and optional!

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