Our (ethical) Report and Accounts


Annual Report 2019-2020 Cover
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Our report and accounts for 2019-2020 is now available in a full version (8 MB) and a stripped-down text only version (155 KB)

It is also available on request as a paper version, printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.

We will be delighted to send you a copy and are asking humbly for a donation of £3.50 per report.

This will allow us to cover postage costs and hopefully, put a little bit back in our kitty so we can continue to do what we do: get urgently needed trees planted in the tropics.

Click here to place your order – providing the Post Office is still open, it’ll be dispatched by First Class mail.

Annual Report 2019-2020 (text only) Cover
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Our report and accounts for 2018-2019 is available for download (16 MB) 

Due to printing cost constraints and a much reduced income for the year it is not available as a paper version.

Annual Report 2018-2019 Cover
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Report and Accounts 2018 cover for The Word Forest Organisation
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We are delighted to present you with an environmentally friendly, electronic copy of our first annual Report and Accounts.

It was prepared by vegan volunteers who – drank lots of organic, Fairtrade tea with plant milk and – used recycled paper notepads to sketch out their ideas which they transferred onto computers that were powered by 100% sustainable energy and the boss bought planet friendly battenburg, baklava and tiffin for the occasions where they had to work late to get it finished.

That’s probably about as ethical as we could make it!

A limited run of paper copies have been printed in Northumberland on 100% recycled paper by an ethical printing company with an impressive environmental policy, for distribution to our tree-loving members and eco-friendly corporate partners at our AGM where a mouthwatering vegan buffet and refreshments were served, which wasn’t funded by our charity.

These come in at a pretty close second.

If you’d like to read it, please ask yourself whether the electronic copy might be able to adequately tick your box and if you really, really want a paper copy, please drop us a line.

All paper has a price.

The price is trees.

Thanks for your kind understanding and we hope you enjoy reading our report.

The Team