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What We Do

Children planting trees with The Word Forest Organisation

Plant Trees

Predominantly in Kenya, as the tropical conditions near the equator make them grow up to 10 times faster than anywhere else on the planet – that’s great for mitigating climate chaos. We plant a few in the UK too.

Build Schools

Cool, solid stone classrooms are a joy to be in and they make a huge difference to students and teachers. They improve the potential for learning enormously too. At the school above, grades improved by 14% points across the board.

Empower Women

The Mothers of the Forest are a phenomenal women’s group. They’re rewriting their future and underpinning it with education. They’ve planted many thousands of trees and continue to strengthen their framework of support.

Mothers of the Forest practising permaculture with The Word Forest Organisation

Facilitate Education

We apply an holistic approach to learning by working with local teachers who have solutions to the common problems people face. This image shows permaculture in action and a route to greater water and food security.

Everything we do as human beings has an impact on our planet.
We’re striving to ensure that ours, and yours, is as light green as it could ever be.

This beautiful creature is a dik-dik, a tiny member of the antelope family. They've returned to Boré as the canopy cover has increased.

Our Latest News
ASP Logo

Enough For Everyone Forever

The Word Forest Organisation has some exciting news; we can announce a new partnership with The Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP) and that we have become their newest alliance member. 

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Lime trees by Karen Cannard

An Autumnal Glow

The golden hues of the lime trees that line our road trumpet their visual fanfare to welcome in autumn. Even before nature’s clock ticks into October, their leaves take on

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Tracey at sunset in the Bore Community Forest Centre

Our CEO Is Up For A P.E.A!

We’re thrilled to announce our co-founder, Tracey West, has been shortlisted for a P.E.A. Award (People Environment Achievement Award) as an inspirational vegan. Tracey is six years vegan, and has

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Word Forest Organisation is working hard to implement as many of the SDGs as we can.

By supporting us, you will be contributing towards these important goals.

To date, our projects tick: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 17.

With a little help from our friends, we hope to tick them all.

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