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A Gift that Leaves a Legacy: what that actually means

We often say that when you donate funds to our charity, you are helping to create a legacy. It isn’t spin and it is rather a bold statement.

If we try to emphasise the point in a short Facebook or Twitter post, there simply aren’t enough characters to adequately explain what we mean, so here goes.

Our reason for existing is to plant trees and build classrooms in impoverished, deforested areas in Kenya. The forests need the people and the people need the forests.

The reforested land will serve humans and wildlife for countless generations and our solidly constructed schools will provide a safe, cool space to facilitate education for the folks who take care of the forests, for decades to come.

When we say your donations are the stuff of legacy, we really mean it!

We plant our trees quite near to our schools and for good reason; the children, teachers and folks from the surrounding communities, form part of the team who plant, water and tend to the trees. The women will have walked several miles to collect vital water to sustain the saplings in their early days and it makes sense to keep further labour to water them, to a minimum.

I think many of us would struggle to imagine how it feels to fill up and carry a 25 litre container on our heads (see the image above) for even a fraction of that distance.

The more trees we plant, the more water will be locked into their root systems and believe it or not, the better chance there will be of encouraging rain to fall – take a look at our short video to find out how that bit of scientific magic works!

Just one last thing before we go, how do you fancy helping us create that legacy? Hop across to our shop and give the gift of trees – every single one makes a difference.

Thank you.

The Team


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