Phew… what a gargantuan office move that was! new office curtains at The Word Forest Organisation

After a considerably extended wrangle, the phones and WiFi are working, electric string has been safely tucked away, curtains have been sewn, carpet laid, paint applied and paper hung, tea break corner is loaded with a healthy supply of organic Fairtrade beverages and there’s more plant milk here than you could shake a stick at.

Apologies are needed however.

We know that as a charity, we punch above our weight but there’s a very small team in the engine room and the move took far longer than we budgeted for. As a consequence, we’re a little behind but are applying ourselves fully to the ascension up email mountain.

Thanks to everyone for patiently bearing with us.

However, whilst we were busy juggling cardboard boxes, we were also doing an awful lot behind the scenes.

Over the past several weeks, we commissioned the building of two huge stone-constructed classrooms in Kenya; one at Kadunguni Primary School, the other at Kakuhani Primary School and gave the go-ahead for 8,000 trees to be planted around the school compounds, 4,000 at each school.

We also firmed up the schedules for two incredible forthcoming events: our Volunteer Week 2019, where a bunch of amazing people will be accompanying us to visit our projects in Kenya and our international tree conference, ‘Clear the Air: reforest Kenya 2019’.

More on both of those, coming soon.

For now, we’ll close by sending well wishes to all and to say if you’re not already subscribed to our news updates, you really should beclick here to sign up!

We’ve got some incredible news to share with you in the months ahead, including details of our 2018 Open Day and it’s always nice being in the know.

Happily, back in the saddle again,

The Team