The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Poster

When the bell tolls at midnight on Monday 31st December 2018, it will mark the end of the 5th Magic Oxygen Literary Prize, fondly known as MOLP.

This prestigious international short story and poetry contest has done some amazing things to help the planet and some of its poorest people, over the past 4 years.

Not only is it responsible for planting a tree for every entry received but it also funds the building of urgently needed classrooms in impoverished communities in rural Kenya too. Word Forest is the proud planting/building partner for this contest and the competition founder is our very own CEO Tracey West.

For the first few years, Tracey wore the hat of Chief Judge, but as she’s busy running the charity full time, that weighty task has fallen on the shoulders of fantasy fiction author, Izzy Robertson. Izzy heads an international panel of judges who are preparing to undertake the gargantuan task of helping the creative cream rise to the top.

The successes from MOLP can be measured in so many ways:

  1. the planet is benefiting from these fast growing trees, as they draw down and lock in countless tonnes of CO2 and other pollutants
  2. the MOLP forests are cleaning the air that blows all over the planet
  3. the commodities from the forests are lifting communities out of poverty
  4. our charity was founded, specifically to focus on planting trees, building classrooms and facilitating education in impoverished communities in Kenya
  5. MOLP is creating employment in the nurseries, forests and for those building the classrooms

…we could go on and on but for now, the important message to spread is:

this philanthropic contest is about to draw to a close and we’re hoping you’ll be able to help us spread the message that it is still open until midnight tonight.

If you have a short story of up to 4,000 words or a poem of up to 50 lines, check the rules here and for just £5 you could enter it into the greenest writing contest on the planet, The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize.

Enjoy the little animation below and thanks for any social media shares you can give the contest that’s working so hard to better our world.


The Team