Our Corporate Partners: The Green Weigh

We’re delighted to introduce you to another of our Corporate Partners, an uber-eco team of Dorset mums who created The Green Weigh.

The Green Weigh is Dorset’s first mobile zero waste shop and they’re based in Bridport. This ethical org was founded by a team of 4 phenomenal women: Alex Green, Kate Robertson, Libby Rogers and Lora Pascoe. They’re a committed bunch on a mission to help reduce plastic pollution: click here to find out more about them.

Here’s why they set it up:

We were fed up with news and statistics showing mass damage and devastation world wide and really wanted to get on board and help as many people as possible to reduce their plastic consumption. In September 2017, we got together and started planning a zero waste shop. A few bumps, hurdles and a successful Crowdfunding campaign along the way, and off we were, with the South West’s first mobile zero waste shop on wheels.

dried pulses in jars from The Green WeighThey offer a wide range of eco-goods, including:

Pasta, rice, seeds, nuts, pulses, beans, herbs, spices, teas, vinegars, oils, shower wash, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, foam bath, household cleaners, washing up liquid, laundry soap and more.

Click here to see where their trusty steed ‘Gertie’ is heading next and it will also give you details of their HQ in Bridport, where you can buy ethical goods from their static base on St Michael’s Trading Estate. For those of you who are rushed off their feet, there’s also a Click and Collect service from their online shop. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

They proudly state: “We’re delighted to bring you both organic and non-organic packaging free wholefoods, personal care and household products. Helping Dorset to reduce plastic usage, reduce the impact on the planet and connect with our community without the need to travel. No need for plastic packaging and no need for food waste!”

As if that weren’t a good enough reason to seek them out, they’ve also been amazing supporters of our charity and they donate to Word Forest, helping us get more trees in the ground.

…and finally, the earth mothers in them are planning to run projects to engage children in learning about how plastic waste affects our world. “We believe educating our children about this problem is a key way to implement change. We will also educate children on healthy eating.”

What’s not to love?

Visit TheGreenWeigh.co.uk for more info, or call 07784 203638 / 07421 365465 and if you’d like to drop them a line, email: thegreenweigh@gmail.com

The Team