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Diversity Deck: Educational, Fun And Sustainable

Here at The Word Forest Organisation we are committed to finding new ways to educate children and adults on the dangers that  our natural world faces. As we know, keeping children entertained whilst learning can be a huge challenge. Luckily, MAINTENANT have come up with the perfect solution. 

MAINTENANT Sustaining Now is an award-winning social enterprise which provides high quality training and support on issues of sustainability and the climate crisis, bringing positive change and ensuring a happy world for us and generations to come. To enable children and adults to learn about climate, biodiversity, global citizenship and healthy living in a fun and engaging way they have produced the wonderful DIVERSITY DECK® cards. 

Sixteen different packs provide a springboard for learning and aim to spark your child’s interest in preserving the environment. Printed in the UK using eco inks on recycled, non-bleached paper, the beautifully illustrated cards come in a hinged metal tin and are easy to interact with. Suitable for ages 4+ the DIVERSITY DECK® card games are a great way to introduce different levels of learning, acting as a starting point for  conversations around these issues whilst  bringing the family together. These cards are ideal for travelling and there’s no need to worry about arguments as they come with printed rules!

Amell Amatino, Founding Director of MAINTENANT explains: “We are all parents at MAINTENANT and know just how hard it is to engage children, support and extend their learning and keep them entertained – ideally all at once – especially in current times or on a journey! DIVERSITY DECK® is designed to pop in a bag, or pack eight decks into our easy-to-carry case.”

Amell adds: “The decks were developed to be compelling and engaging games for all the family to participate in and enjoy, helping children and adults to understand and share the key challenges we face today, and in the future, by learning the ins and outs of Earth System Science in a tactile and fun way.”

DIVERSITY DECK® games include: Rock Paper Scissors, Calamity Game, Be an Elephant, Free From, Snaffle it, Happy Diversity, Double Snap, 17 Goals and Pyramid Solitaire. 

They cover a range of insightful areas including Atmosphere, Biosphere, Bacteria My Friends, Cryosphere, Earth’s Spheres, Endangered Animals, Hydrosphere I & II, Inner Planets, Inspiring People I & II, Lithosphere, Magnetosphere, Polar Animals and  Technosphere I & II.

Two children playing a Diversity Deck game
Two children playing a Diversity Deck game

Don’t worry, there’s no need to  ‘gen up’ for the wave of questions your children will inevitably ask.  You can register on MAINTENANT’s website to find out more and your curious kids can enter the printed number on each card to discover more about each topic. Fact checked by the experts, these  online resources are for all ages and range from fun books to fact sheets and activities. Not only that, they also delve a bit further into the   different scientific jobs of today and tomorrow, inspiring young environmentalists to forge a career in their chosen field. 

The decks start at £9.99 each. You can buy 8 decks for £70.00 or a full set of 16 for £130.00 – both in carrycases. 

To top it all off, use coupon code WORDFOREST at the checkout and MAINTENANT will donate 30% of the proceeds to The Word Forest Organisation – you get to play cool educational games and we plant at least one tree for every pack you buy!

Don’t miss out, head over to https://maintenant.org.uk/shop/games and get your hands on these brilliant cards. 

Anna Parkinson and The Team

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