Sustainability Week 1-5 March 2021

‘Sustainability Week’ – 5 days, 30 events, open to all!

Falmouth University Sustainability Coordinator and volunteer for The Word Forest Organisation  Jake Causley invites you to be a part of ‘Sustainability Week’ – an action-packed digital campaign comprising more than 30 events, running from 1st – 5th March!

Head to the Sustainability Week campaign page to discover the event listings and register to attend!

As part of his role with Falmouth University, Jake has been collaborating with the University of Exeter and Students’ Union since December to develop the ‘Sustainability Week’ campaign. Jake and the Team hope to engage staff, students and the public in sustainability issues, whilst educating and empowering them to make more sustainable choices in their lives.

Making positive behavioural changes to help create a more sustainable world is more important than ever going into 2021: despite the whole world pressing pause on so much multiple times last year, and as a result reducing some carbon-intensive activities like transport, 2020 remained the hottest year on record, with atmospheric carbon emissions only falling by 7%.

Earth as an apple on a branch
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

We need to make changes and more sustainable choices in all aspects of our lives, and learn to work with nature if we are to avert the climate and environmental crises, and Jake’s campaign can help you to do just that!

During the week of 1st – 5th March, you can explore 5 key sustainability themes:

  • Sustainable Lifestyles
  • Energy & Resources
  • Ecotherapy, Nature & Wellbeing
  • Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Future Thinking

Each day, you can get involved in a host of online events, from interactive workshops on calculating your carbon footprint, to educational guest speaker sessions covering themes like rewilding, ecotherapy & health and carbon capture technology, to live screenings of inspirational documentaries.

Wind turbines on open hills
Image by Ed White from Pixabay 

Notably, on Thursday 4th at 4pm, Jake will be welcoming members and trustees of The Word Forest Organisation along for a live screening of their inspiring ‘#TreesAreTheKey’ documentary, which will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Jake says:

Please do check out all the events we have on offer as part of our Sustainability Week campaign via the website, and share it around with friends, family, and colleagues! The hidden beauty of the pandemic has been this transition to a more digital world, enabling so many more people to discover and attend events, which is fantastic news for truly important causes like sustainability!

I’m super excited to deliver this campaign, because connecting with others, sharing knowledge and skills, and working together is the only way we can combat climate change and create a sustainable future for us and the natural world.

Thus, by creating a public campaign, I’m hopeful that our events will inspire and influence not only our University Campus Communities, but also members of the public across the country (perhaps globe?!), and it would be wonderful if some familiar faces from home were a part of it!”

For more information about the Sustainability Week campaign, or sustainability in general, feel free to contact Jake by email on: [email protected]

Jake Causley and The Team

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