A Virtual Visit to the Kenyan Forests

Sit back and enjoy a flight-free visit to some of the nurseries and planting sites we’ve helped the Kenyan communities to develop. These images have been taken predominantly from our Coast Province planting activities.

You’ll see a variety of trees and saplings here, including mango, cashew, neem, casuarina, moringa and others. The species planted are chosen by the community – they know the best trees to plant and understand what works well on their land.

Extreme weather conditions including record-breaking heat, drought and flooding are changing this tropical landscape as desertification continues to creep in and make its presence felt. We’re working with permaculture, agroforestry and forestry experts to ensure drought resistance and forward planning for further extremes, are built into the planting schedule.

The amazing people from these tree planting communities are living on the front line of climate change and their efforts to nurture seeds, to saplings, to mature trees are so gratefully welcomed.

Your wonderful support is enabling us to reforest Kenya and most importantly, to take care of the people who are looking after the trees; we need their help now, more than ever before.

Thank you for your kind donations, every penny counts.