Reforestation To Help Save The Mountain Bongo


For the last nine months, Word Forest has been working closely with the Murang’a Youth Bunge County Forum CBO (MYBCF) in Kenya to find ways to help their Tulinde Bongo Project taking place in the Kmakia, Gatare and Wanjerere ranges of the Aberdares Forest, approximately 3 hours north of Nairobi. This amazing project covers a […]

Are We Living In A Dystopian World?

Cityscape by Baggeb on Pixabay

Just a normal girl, livin’ in a dystopian world. Life is plastic, it is drastic.  With the chaos of the past couple of years, we see the world with more clarity than ever before. We can see it as a dystopian world – for most of us, Covid-19 has been the biggest upheaval of our […]

Just What Is Syntropic Agroforestry?

agroforestry by Mauricio Uchoa Bruttos on Pixabay

From time to time I come across new words which have a wonderful resonance and really make me want to understand their meaning. A while ago, I heard the term Agroforestry and intuitively guessed that it was a combination of agriculture and forestry. Wikipedia’s first sentence about it[1] is: Agroforestry is a land use management […]

Exploring The Forest Of Words

Ecosanta on the beach

We’re thrilled to share this thought provoking guest article by Ann Palmer, co-founder of Ecologisers. My native American name is ‘Woman of the Talking Leaves‘. In western culture it is seen as a poetic name for a writer, one that gives me a full-on connection and identity with trees. This honouring, personalised, with the Tree […]

Re-establishing The Caledonian Forest

Loch Hourn, Scottish Highlands by indianabones on Pixabay

The Scottish Highlands – a mesmerising expanse of moorland, mountain and boreal forest with a deep and vibrant history. Stories of King Arthur and Merlin tell of this mystical land and its ability to come to life, aiding them in battle and protecting its inhabitants from violent outsiders. This is a truly iconic place and […]

 The Importance Of Urban Trees

Urban trees by Ogutier on Pixabay

Trees in urban spaces are the forgotten heroes when discussing climate change and, often, the awe-inspiring rainforests of the tropics and sub-tropics take the limelight. Of course, this is to be expected. These areas, along with other valuable ecosystems, allow life on earth to survive and flourish (the Amazon rainforest is frequently referred to as […]

The Medicinal Properties Of Trees

Gingko trees by morn_japan on Pixabay

Herbs, trees and spices have been used by healers since ancient times. Human settlements have often been surrounded by plants used for medicinal purposes.   In Sumeria, for instance, hundreds of medicinal plants including myrrh and opium were recorded around 3000 BC. There is an Egyptian Papyrus listing more than 800 plant medicines such as aloe, […]

Take A Moment With A Tree

Bark and moss by Pexels on Pixabay

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports what we already know on a primal level – that being out in nature is good for us and that forests and trees have a positive effect on us in multiple ways. I notice that when I step among trees, my breathing slows and deepens […]