Smart Solar – Could It Help Save Our Forests?

Solar panels/photovotaic cells on roof by Colin McKay on Pixabay

Deforestation has become an increasingly prevalent problem in a global context. In fact, the World Research Institute notes that only 30% of the world’s land area is still forest. They also mention that 23% of all deforestation is caused by wildfires and the loss of forests is happening at an alarming rate.  A guest post by […]

To Tree Or Not To Tree

Colourful abstract tree by Lisa Runnels on Pixabay

‘Tree’ is a noun. ‘To Tree’ is not a verb. Trees can’t tree. To tree or not to tree, that is the question. English is a language where it is generally only humans or animals that are capable of enacting verbs, of doing things. Everything else is inanimate. The world is just humans and animals […]

Dream Big – A Series Of Films About Trees; Fools And Dreamers

The moon behind an old tree by Robert C from Pixabay

We all love TV and streaming services, and the fact is that the quantity of films, series and documentaries grows by the day. There are so many that it’s easy for some of them, even the really brilliant ones, to get lost in the sea of content, or disappear almost completely. We are delighted to […]

Universities – A New Ground For Climate Action

Students by a sign by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Universities are vital hubs of research and teaching on climate change. As large organisations, they also produce significant emissions, which contribute to our climate crisis. Universities should therefore be at the forefront of global action to limit climate change. How best can they do this? Educating the climate leaders of the future The growing impacts […]

Protecting The Grey Crowned Cranes

Grey crowned cranes by Frank Winkler on Pixabay

Here’s an excellent article from our friends at PASSION for the PLANET about the work being done in Kenya to monitor and protect this endangered species. PASSION for the PLANET is the UK’s first ethically focused radio station, playing a mix of adult contemporary and world music, alongside interviews with leading experts in the fields […]

COP 26 – Perspectives From Non Attendees

Abstract perspective in blue

Last week, we thought it would be interesting to try and get some perspectives on COP from those that weren’t attending. What were they hearing in the media? Was it different from what our team was reporting? How did they feel about what was going on? We reached out to our supporters, volunteers and colleagues […]

Learn With Grandma

Young hands holding old hand

During the conference, many of the team from The Word Forest Organisation bumped into Val Wood-Gaiger. She was often in the room asking a question or adding her comment. She set up an organisation called ‘Learn with Grandma’. This international network connects the different generations across the world, recognising that young and old have a […]

Depicting COP 26 Through Art

mural at COP 26

At the entrance to the Blue Zone, there were a great variety of people telling the stories of COP 26 through many vibrant mediums. One such creative was Dr. Cecile Girardin from the University of Oxford, whose goal was to depict the negotiations in a mural. The aim was to make the talks accessible to […]

Kensa Win Prestigious Climate Innovation Award At COP26

President of Cost Rica presents award to Kensa group

Kensa Group, the UK’s only manufacturer of low carbon ground source heat pumps, was among a global cohort of winners of the esteemed Ashden Awards. Climate solutions charity Ashden honours pioneering organisations lowering carbon emissions and building a fairer world. The winners were announced at COP26 in a ceremony attended by Carlos Alvarado, the President […]