We are absolutely delighted to launch the first of our gorgeous summer range of 100% organic cotton clothes.

100% Organic Cotton BabygrowTake a peek at first two items, a  super-cute babygrow and a mens/unisex T-shirt, both with eye-catching designs that show our passion for the planet and when they’re worn, they’ll express your love for it too.

It’ll be no surprise to find out that we’re going to plant a tree for every single garment sold in our Word Forest in Kenya! Every tree will absorb a quarter of a tonne of carbon dioxide and other pollutants from the atmosphere, it’ll keep the planet a bit cooler and help lift a community out of poverty.

We’ve had a team of funky designers working on the range for a while now and when their creative juices were in full flow, we almost got down to our last box of organic tea.

Don’t worry, Simon hid a secret stash at the back of the stationery cupboard with the emergency Ginger Nuts – running out of tea in this office could would have had catastrophic consequences.

100% Organic Cotton T-shirtWhy 100% organic? That’s simple, the chemical free option really matters: it’s kind to the skin, kind to the producers and kind to the planet too: win-win, the only clothes to be in.

There are lots of luscious items about to roll out in our Sapling Collection, so be sure to pop back and have a look and if you really want to make our day, a share or two on your social media platforms would be marvellous.


The Team