The Word Forest Organisation is a Charity poster

The Word Forest Organisation is a Charity!

Our CEO and Board of Trustees are quite simply bursting with joy – we have just been granted official charitable status!

Our application went into the Charity Commission on the 8th December 2016 and following much correspondence between them and us as we thrashed out the all important wording, here we finally are.

Our mission to replicate the reforestation and classroom building work we have done in Boré, can now occur throughout Kenya. It has positively changed the community we’ve been working with over there for the past few years, beyond all recognition.

There were 300 children struggling to learn in a school that had one classroom. There are now 590 children and 5 solidly constructed classrooms. They have aspirations to be carpenters, stonemasons, forest rangers, environmental stewards and more besides.

The trees we’ve planted in our Word Forest are helping to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change and enabling impoverished communities to lift themselves out of their situation.

What a marvellous way to end the week.

Our charity number is 1172497.

The (Very Excited) Team