Last week, our CEO Tracey West was interviewed by the Nairobi based youth-led environmental organisation, the Centre For Earth Works, via Twitter Chat. The CEFW is a youth led NGO, passionate about securing the earth and empowering communities on sustainable strategies to solve environmental challenges.

Tracey embraced the opportunity, but admitted to finding the medium a bit of a challenge as she had to remember to add #Youth4Land in each responding Tweet and A1 (for Answer 1 to Question 1) etc.

As is typical of our wordy woman, she was more intent on delivering live Tweet responses, jam-packed with information about what we’re doing to help #ReforestKenya

Thankfully, The Team at CEFW has paired up all the Qs with the right As and they’ve laced it together via

Read the preamble below:

An estimated 15 billion trees are cut down each year – that’s more than 41 million trees lost per day.

Forests are not only ecological assets, but they also sustain economic growth by providing timber and non-timber consumptive goods and livelihoods for approximately one-fourth of the world’s population. The continued loss of forests in the world not only threatens livelihoods, but also the environment.

One way to constrain the impacts of climate change is to reduce emissions from and through the forest sector, as a complement to ongoing climate change policies.

Collaborative forest rehabilitation efforts around the world are a start and school-based reforestation initiatives are an important way to counteract land degradation by reforesting landscapes.

Dive in and enjoy!

The Team