Wendy Robertshaw's medal for running a marathon at Brathay Hall, WIndermere.
Click to enlarge Wendy’s stunning medal for running the ASICS Marathon in Brathay Hall, Windermere!

The amazing Wendy Robertshaw saw our CEO speaking at a recent event and was so moved by the story of what we’re doing in Kenya, she decided to run a marathon – click here to find out how well she did!

Earlier this week, Wendy met up with our Ethics Trustee, Rikey Austin (left), our CEO Tracey West (right) and Chair of Trustees, Simon West (also very handy as the photographer!)

Wendy had collected £255 for running her marathon and proudly donated it to our charity, then spent time looking through some of our yet unpublished videos and photographs taken during our recent monitoring and evaluation visit to Kenya in February this year.

She said, “The mud hut schools these children are in, are awful and so unsafe; how on earth do they cope? It’s easy to see the difference proper classrooms make to their learning.”

Wendy is a special care teaching assistant and certainly knows the value of a good education. She was clearly shocked to see the conditions the young students in our community have to study in and it has made her even more determined to help spread the word about our charity.

The £255 she raised will buy 100 trees and a good amount of building material to help construct another new classroom in Boré. In a tiny handful of years, those trees will have absorbed 25 tonnes of CO2 and other pollutants from the atmosphere and if they’re fruit trees, they might well be delivering the bonus of free food too. A mango tree in this location at 5 years old, can yield around 100 pieces of nutritious fruit each season.

We’d love to attract lots more Wendy Robertshaws!

Might you be able to run a marathon, or organise another event like a sponsored Scrabble challenge, or a bike ride, a jumble sale, a bake-off, a quiz night, indeed anything that might net a few pounds for our charity?

We’d love to hear from you if you have a great fundraising idea and we’ll do all we can to support you too.

If you’d like to help but need a bit of inspiration, take a look at these funky fundraisers or get in touch and let’s discuss it over a nice cup of tea in our offices in Lyme Regis.

The Team